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Why is the world always trying to take things away from people? Taking away rights from people left and right; whether it be basic human rights or just being free from oppression. Going as far as to taking away laws meant to help and protect people, making it harder to progress. It seems like everyone has this unsatisfied craving not only for more but for others misfortunes. If he is happy then I can’t be happy because I have to be better. Discriminating, killing, and practically enslaving people. Desensitizing people making them immoral, causing them thinking what they are doing is righteous or right for the people. Think of giving rather than of what you want. We don’t live in a world with boarders anymore. We are one earth and everything on it is part of it. We are one. We cannot have a mind set that places us apart from each other. Our only hope is for the masses to awaken to the fact that me, myself, I, you, him, her, them or they is the same. We live, we experience, we learn, and we feel just the same. Humanity is not only us but every living and non living thing on this planet. If you are aware and understand, then you will see truth. Be the light, help shine onto others to bring peace and stay positive. Loving is not enough let it be heard. Let it ring! Let it ring! May everyone practice the true dharma with all their hearts.